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Our Labeling

AKA Why The Skull & Crossbones?

I’ve been asked more than once why there’s a huge poison symbol on our bottles of vaping liquid, and thought I’d clear that up.

While there isn’t any specific regulation regarding eliquids in Canada, there are regulations regarding labeling chemical products for sale to Canadian consumers, namely the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR), and nicotine falls under that category.

We’ve adopted guidelines on bottle labeling which meet the standards by the CCCR. In short, products containing nicotine require the skull and crossbones to be prominently displayed on the main label area, and we have decided to adhere to it.

For our nicotine based liquids, the label appears as so…


You can see the list of ECTA requirements here.

Thanks, we hope that this clears up any confusion,



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